Everything Is In Perfect Working Order – Senegal Presentations

A series of talk I gave in Dakar, Senegal for the AAB Award I recieved in 2017. Photo Credits Jeanne Gaigher unless watermarked otherwise. Special thanks to Maria Luisa Angulo and Juan Pablo Pacheco

Everything is in perfect working order

‘Everything is in perfect working order’ is an electronic device that forces you to be facing North with your computer when browsing the internet to properly view websites on your screen. Facing any other direction ...

Esta Velocidad Tiene Peso (This Speed has Weight) 2018

In 2017 I received the inaugural Africa Artbox Prize. Part of this award was a 6 week residency in Bogotá, Colombia at Plataforma Bogotá You can read more about the residency and the award in ...

The Malarkey Board Website is Live

The Malarkey Board Website is live! Have a look here.


Judge Bot

This was a quick experiment with Watson IBM API’s, its a twitter bot that tells you what you need based on the language used in your last 200 or so tweets. You can try it ...

Custom Controller Workshop

A custom controller workshop I ran with GlitchFace for high school student at WITS. Using Makey Makey and a custom developed platforms I’ve been working one. We put together controllers for the games (2d platformers) ...


The Weight of Words According to JSTOR

This project came out of 2-day hackathon in late 2015 that was focused on ‘data’, and consists of a webscraper that you access via your browser, and a digital scale that plugs into your computer. ...


To go anywhere you have to leave somewhere else

Watch the video


Let Me Hide Inside You

Six film slides which have been scanned in and manipulated by embedding text (image titles) into the digital file making up the image. Stenography at its most high school. See the full site here. (Cut and ...

Heart Badge Workshop (2015)

An electronics workshop put together for the “South African Makerspaces in Education Conference 2016”. Participants built a simple timer circuit that could be adjusted to beat in sync with their own heart rates. This version of ...


There are somethings only your mouth can understand

Future Lab Africa Podcast – Fak’ugesi Episode 3: Nathan Gates

A podcast I did with Future Lab Africa as a follow up on the Fakugesi Residency I was part of last year. Many Thanks Jepchumba and Tegan    


‘Dirt-Style’ Sampler

The ‘Dirt-Style’ sampler is based on the Fakugesi festival pass from last year. I repurposed the blank printed circuit and added an SD Card and new firmware to be able to play short audio samples.

the-strength of-my-high-is -the-strength-of-my-low-2

The Strength of My High is The Strength of My Low (2015)

A tiny oscillator set to pulse at the same BPM as my heart, which you can listen with ear phones. The second object is the same oscillator circuit but it is speed up drastically to ...


Fakugesi Residency (2015)

A residency I was involved with as part of the Fakugesi African Digital Arts Festival. Along with Ling Tan, Kasia Molga and Jepchumba we occupied the basement gallery of Wits Art Museum to engage “Futurist Visions of Johannesburg: uncovering place and space, physical and virtual responses to ‘now’ for socio-cultural technologies of the future.”.


‘Ridder Thirst and other readings’

A short radio broadcast I put together for 'Ridder Thirst and other readings'.


Gif Camera

A camera that takes animated gifs made from a Raspberry Pi.



Sentiments For All Occasions is a collection of ink drawings automatically published on twitter. A twitter bot I wrote randomly chooses a drawing from the collection and posts it to twitter once a day with ...


onedotzero presents ‘play’ panel discussion (2014)

“The panel, which included Richard Hogg, Yuri Suzuki, Nathan Gates and Sophie Walter focused on the idea that one of the best ways to explore a creative process, to collaborate and learn, is through the ...


onedotzero cascade_za (2014)

I was fortunate to be a mentor at onedotzero_cascade workshop along with Sophie Walter and Richard Hogg. The theme for the week long workshop ‘PLAY’ and the work generated was exhibited at the tetrafix party. ...


Warm Leatherette (2014)

The 'Warm Leatherette' exhibition was the culmination of a 5 day collaboration between myself, Yuri Suzuki, Bogosoi Sekhukuni and Neo Mahlasela. Commissioned by onedotzero and part of the British Council's Connect ZA Program, Warm Leatherette consisted of a gallery installation, video piece and soundtrack. The title of the show comes from the song originally produced by Daniel Miller in reference to J.G. Ballard's Novel "Crash".

Office Exercise: Towards a more sensible boredom with technology in the office (2014)

This project titled ‘Office Exercise’ focuses on the relationship between the roll of ‘experiment’ and ‘exercise’ in the production of creative work involving technology. As a series of works ‘Office Exercise’ examines creative practice involving technology and the tensions it produces between the artistic applications of technology to a given situation and the simultaneous proficiency/competency of the use of this technology. This project culminated in an article that was presented at the Fakugesi Conference 2014 and published in Technoetics.


Fingers in the outlet: a self-reflexive investigation of ‘bricolage’ as a method of engagement in new media arts, through domestic hacking practices

This is my Masters research report and other aspect of the exhibition/practice led research project, 'Fingers In The Outlet'.



A small portrait of myself and work in magazine Des Cultures Digitales, the print magazine is only in french. Download the full magazine PDF in english here (large pdf warning). You can view an online version here


Fingers In The Outlet (2013)

The exhibition is part of a small research project looking into the idea of bricolage as a process of production. Within this the work functions as an experiment in how learning can define a process of making as it unfolds. See the videos to get a better understanding of the works


Christian Nerf:: The.Forgetful.Collector

A short piece I did for Mr. Nerf's latest itinerant studio, No33 : Vestiges.


Car Chat (2012)

Car Chat developed in collaboration with Bojan Ivanovic, Francois Barnard and myself. Car Chat is a fully functional prototype developed with the intent to enable the exchange of non-verbal communications between motor vehicle drivers. Consisting of two parts: the physical display and a mobile application, it exists on the fringe between gadget and road hazard and was developed with idea of an amusing, yet functional gimmick in mind. The communication occurs through simple graphics/emoticons chosen for their combination of recognizability/utility and humour. Some of which are animated to emphasize their identity whilst adding a layer of sardonic charm often associated with neon signage. Utilizing an Android application the user can control the display device via Bluetooth.


Strange Loop (2012)

“Strange Loop” is a performance piece I created for Christian Nerf’s “Believe You Me”. I couldn’t make it to the event so I recorded the performance and set the documentation as my contribution. Here you ...


TetriScape at AMAZE (2012)

TetrisScape was the product of a collaboration between myself, Jennifer Cohen and a group of students from The University of Johannesburg. It is a mobile game based on the classic Tetris game, but instead of falling blocks it using the buildings of the Braamfontein area in Johannesburg. Players walk the area and contribute building blocks to a single game being played simultaneously by all the players, by using their mobile phones and USSD technology. The resultant collections of buildings from the games are stitched together creating a city scape of the area, or TetsriScape. The game was created and exhibited as part of the first International AMAZE/INTERACT Festival, held in Johannesburg


DicTweet (2012)

DicTweet is a essentially a twitter controlled dictaphone - hence the name. After recording a message on the old-style tape recorder, a tweet is sent to your twitter feed with an index number corresponding to the recording. When you want to replay that message on the dictaphone, you tweet it the index number of the recording and the dictaphone locates the message and plays it back. The tape recorder keeps track of its location on the tape, allowing you to jump to any recording.


DarkRoom (2012)

Darkroom is a site-specific interactive installation that allows users to capture and display low fidelity images, in real time, by means of a slide projector and the LCD screen of a Nokia 3310. Embedded in the space and connected to the room lighting, the 'prepared' 35mm film camera allows the user to capture images in the room before darkening it to view the image via the 'hacked' slide projector. After a brief period light is returned to the room, destroying the image and resetting the process. This piece works as a sort of expanded digital camera, encapsulating and centralizing the process of capture, development and display found in older photographic processes, but also extends this spatially.


Hello Oscillator (2011)

“…the captain of a ship has to cross straits he does not know and does not have a chart for nor navigational help such as a beacon, etc. on a stormy dark night. In the circumstances only two things are possible: Either he sails into a cliff and loses his ship and his life: in the last moment of his life he realizes that the reality of the straits was not as he imagined and his course did not correspond with the actuality of the straits. Or he reaches open sea: then he knows only that his course was accurate but no more. He does not know whether there could have been easier, shorter crossings than the one he blindly chose. And he does not know what the real condition of the straits was….”[1] [1] von Glasersfeld, E. 1995. Radical Constructivism: A Way of Knowing and Learning. Falmer Press: London.


The Unfortunate Constructedness Of It All Coloured His World Violent (2010)


Space: Touching The Void (2009)

A retrospective exhibition of my personal contributions to private space travel. This was an installation built around the 9min film Touching The Void, that documented my production of Space. The film was screened in the exhibition space along with all the journey's artefacts/movie props, all of which was eventually compiled into an informative brochure. Video and brochure coming soon.