• IRL – In Real Life (2014)

    A desktop application created as an experiment to translate human emotions into something common online text based communcation channels can intepret. This application takes the violent shaking of one's laptop and translates it into strings of profanities that are entered into the communication platform you were currently using, and sends them. It also makes a choking noise to help your catharsis 'peak'. Instead of trying to redesign everything from the bottom up, or simply criticise the current state of communication technologies, or technology more generally. This was an exercise in creating a layer ontop of what exists as means to alter the experience of the underlying structure itself, kind of like looking at something through a coloured lens. This work was part of a larger research project titled "Office Exercise: Towards a more sensible boredom with technology in the office". It was presented at the Fakugesi Conference 2014 and published inĀ Technoetic Arts: A Journal of Speculative Research