• Our Exquisite Corpse (2015)

    uses the space in which wifi networks are made visible in public areas (the wifi menu of digital devices) as it material to introduce more informal behaviour into what is otherwise a highly structured space.
    In most of Braamfontein (JHB) the area in which the work existed, wifi networks are abundant but completely closed off from users that encounter them in what is predominantly public space. Repurposing the exisiting technologies responsible for creating these wifi networks, this device makes room for more informal behaviour within what can be considered a kind of virtual public space.
    Users can log onto the device to create there own series of networks under the guise of playing a game of exquisite corpse with themselves or others present in the space. The resultant poem in this case is broadcast as 6 wifi network names, and is ‘visible’ to all present in the space, knowingly or not.
    This work came out of a larger research project as part of a residency I was invited to. For a better understanding of the work and its context please go here