• ‘Ridder Thirst and other readings’

    A short radio broadcast I put together for 'Ridder Thirst and other readings'. Press Release: 'Ridder Thirst and other readings' is an evening of readings by artists and academics initiated by Abri de Swardt, including: Abri de Swardt Alida Eloff Pierre Fouché Nathan Gates Athi Mongezeleli Joja Hentie van der Merwe Ernst van der Wal They decided to gather on Student Night, or vernacularly speaking, 'Klein Saterdag', and erect a platform. Materials turned into an improvisational pavilion, a mobile unit, with reconfigurable seating, for a channelling: a luxurious uprooting of Stellenbosch as a site. Paraded through the streets, and along the river, it became apparent that the structure is not a stage premised on institutional or linguistic affiliation (although using English always already means defeat). It is a dais for desire and disassociation (outside cartography), a space for alumni, staff, ex-staff, and bystanders to tremble together through drafts and propositions. Architecturally, the pavilion operates by way of orality, temporally canopied by the echoes of a place and the inflections of individual voices within that. So with tongues and throats they built potential forms to inhabit: the your-momma joke, the sonnet, the Lutheran sermon, the bonanza-SMS, the homily, the retrieved-from-trash coming-out letter, the reluctant manifesto, the floating quote, the .PDF reading group, the eunuch operetta, the panel discussion, the refused award acceptance speech, the refreshed YouTube comment feed, the amendment, the track-changes bar in Word, the guidebook, etc. This is shadow sociability, join in.