• The Weight of Words According to JSTOR

    This project came out of 2-day hackathon in late 2015 that was focused on 'data', and consists of a webscraper that you access via your browser, and a digital scale that plugs into your computer. The webscraper takes search terms that you input via a webpage which it runs through the database of the well known online academic library, JSTOR. It then finds and returns all the information it can with regards to your search that is available on a free JSTOR account. Information such as the average cost per article and per page, average pages etc. is then worked out and presented with metadata such as amount of free results vs. paid for results available to you. With all this information then presented to you in the browser you can weigh your own articles, pieces of paper or books to get an idea of its value according to JSTOR, if it were to be on theme with your search query; In addition to some other interesting cross comparisons of research in different research areas/disciplines. As of early this year JSTOR moved to a subscription based model, previously you purchased individual articles, meaning this project is no longer in operation. (try watch the video on the highest resolution possible if the text is not legible)